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Christy Brown was a stubborn student.

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We'll take a look right away. They were thinking beyond the play. The Dr. They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error. There's a problem with this paper. Visit Website Despite the drama on set, however, it pales in comparison to the life of Christy Brown himself. Sullivan was always trying to capture Helens attention so she could learn the different things she interacted with her surroundings. My Left Foot shows how Christy Brown never takes his life for granted, and by doing this it helped him overcome his disabilities. Helen was unable to speak and see things around her environment, therefore that was the reason why she acted the way she did. Personal experiences of the students will activate prior knowledge so they can be able to apply it to whatever they are learning in the classroom. In spite of all the doctors and specialists told her, she would not agree. Second, how a child can learn how to communicate with other people when there is a person who has the patience, tolerance to teach that child the right way to express their self. This case begins with Christy Maldonado, as single mother of two from Oklahoma.

Next, I believe that this movie should be an inspiration for all human beings. Christy's mother, who had been gradually gathering some savings in a tin in the fireplace, finally saves enough to buy him a wheelchair.

Her main concern was not to pour information into his head and fill it up with things she knew already.

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Sullivan had the ability to connect with her emotionally and had the tolerance to teach her on how to communicate with her. The Dr.

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One of the main reasons that he became successful was because his mother never gave up on him even though the doctors said he was not going to overcome his health problems. Eileen Cole who taught Christy Brown how to speak and be able to express his self was a teacher who followed the Constructivism theory. These issues seen in the play Hamlet are things that these students can relate to. Also, you need of a great teacher to transmit the knowledge that the student needs to learn the language that is being taught. This aspect is so important due to that if we know which is the best way our student will learn something, the easier it will be to transmit the knowledge we are teaching them. Once Helen gained the attention needed to learn by her surroundings she would storage the information in her memory. Helen was unable to speak and see things around her environment, therefore that was the reason why she acted the way she did. This is what Annie Sullivan did with Helen she trained her to be able to communicate what she felt and control her tantrums. Even though, Helen was deaf and blind, Annie knew that she could be able to communicate with and her and the family through the use of sign language.

Maldonado was in a relationship with Dusten Brown, an active duty army soldier. They were involved in the novel by acting out each character in the play.

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An Analysis of the Themes of "My Left Foot" By Sydney Harris