Analyzing films

Write your thesis statement. Whereas in the English essay you use textual evidence and quotes, in a film analysis essay, you might also include audiovisual elements to bolster your argument.

Film analysis essay structure

The first paragraph provides a summary of the movie giving the reader some basic explanation more so the plot that would be relevant to the discussion of the themes. What is the theme of the film, and how is that theme constructed? Demonstrate understanding of not just what film elements are, but why and to what effect they are being used. These changes not only make it easier for the audience to know when the main storyline is in effect, but it also provides a visual shorthand as to how the main character is feeling at the time. Using different production skills Hancock draws the audience into tension to highlight the significant themes of being assertive. Music A film's music score is there to convey a message, just like every other element. Was it too fast or too slow? How to start Before writing a good analysis , it is advisable to watch and reflect on the movie themes. You want the special effects to complement the story rather than just being used as a visual device. Did any symbolism come into play? Concluding a movie analysis includes reviewing your opinion about the movie to try to persuade the reader to either watch the film or not. Direction: Did you like how the director chose to tell the story? Editing: Was the editing clean or choppy?

Did certain scenes drag down the movie? To compose an introduction, get your arguments together, write a thesis statement, and then put them all onto one paragraph which not only introduces the subject but also encourages readers to keep reading.

As different from linguistics, however, semiotics also studies non-linguistic sign systems.

film analysis essay assignment

Step 1: Before You Watch the Movie The hardest part of this first step is going to be avoiding doing too much research or reading other reviews prior to watching the movie as tempting as it may be. The Resources section of this handout has links to sites that describe mise-en-scene elements in detail.

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When I saw Mad Max: Fury Road, I was blown away with all the practical effects and how everything served a purpose to the story. Develop a thesis and an outline, organizing your evidence so that it supports your argument.

Acting and Characters: Did you like how the characters were portrayed?

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Rather, they need to be honest and encourage discussion. How do they relate to the relative role of those characters, or the relationships between multiple characters?

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How To Analyze A Film