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Forms of Government how each element of society played a specific and necessary function for the operation of state.

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Prince con Hardenberg; ;Prussian leader, usually outmaneuvered by Metternich. Visual arts prompted personal, political, and religious goals of Renaissance. Declares independence, but fail after Austrians exploit Slavic fear to crush the revolt.

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Henri de Saint-Simon and Charles Fourier thought of cooperation, where shared property would be done. Reform was driven out by the conservatives and liberals.

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Most Europeans practiced subsistence agriculture. Very ruthless and harsh belief of ruling Castiglione- ;wrote the Book of the Courtier how to gain fame, introduced the Renaissance Man.

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In Vendee, a counterrevolution rises which justifies radical measures. Widely opposed. Attempted to hold his diverse realm, very hard. May of , executes chief supporter Danton. Catholic Church- attacked from November July , lands confiscated, issue paper currency of assignats which leads to rapid inflation. David full-size statue cast in bronze since ancient times Masaccio- ; used perspective geometry in his Holy Trinity also used realism and 3-D space technique in a series of frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel Brunelleschi- mainly an architect, but also sculpted with bronze and painted- helped develop the use of perspective geometry in painting. Prices of goods increased more than wages, which lowered living standards.
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