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Bag Nasty: A pre-packaged bag lunch usually consisting of a cold cut sandwich, piece of fruit, and juice box or can of soda. Dolphins Submarine Service : Submarine Qualification Device, called dolphins because of the dolphin fish used in the design.

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Given for something done poorly. A water craft small enough to be carried on a ship ships themselves may only be called boats by members of the crew who have completed a deployment. Beans, bullets, and black oil: Supplies of all sorts needed by a warship.

All Ahead Bendix: Attempt more than full speed ahead, e. Cunt: A tear drop shaped piece of metal placed in the bottom loop of sail rigging to keep the rope from chaff wear during tie-down of open sails.

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Business report appendix wikipedia

See "XO's Happy Hour. Place where food is prepared for consumption. Burn Run: An organized evolution to dispose of the material stored in burn bags. Issued in boot camp, used to store loose items, shoe polish stuff, etc. Crow's Foot: A device placed on a valve wheel to aid in opening or closing the valve due to it being extremely hot or hard to turn. Veal Wheels. Armpit of the Med: Naples, Italy. The difference between the two is that significant others may attend dining-outs. Garden Party: A semi-formal social gathering requiring dress whites from the waist down and dress blues from the waist up. Game can be played by partners.

Chief: Title given to enlisted personnel who have achieved the rank of E-7 and who have completed their transitional training and indoc. This term derives from the nickname "squid", meaning "sailor.

Also used when a sailor gets a BZ from the command, shipmates will call it a Bravo Bozo award. Cracker Jacks: The dress blue uniforms worn by sailors below the rank of E Bremerton: How much a Bremerloe weighs.

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