Coordinating managerial function

Related Posts. They must then formulate necessary steps and ensure effective implementation of plans. Strategic planning involves analyzing competitive opportunities and threats, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, and then determining how to position the organization to compete effectively in their environment.

It provides proper direction to the various departments of the organization by integrating bringing together the different activities of the departments for achieving the common goals or objectives of the organization. The origination expands both vertically and horizontally when the number of functions increases.

The organization must have some goal.

coordination in management examples

It encourages the employees to show initiative. It helps to achieve the organizational objectives quickly by ensuring a systematic and smooth working in the organization.

There is the synergetic effect of the coordinating function. The organizational structure with a good division of functions and tasks is of crucial importance.

Similarly, the Middle Level Managers coordinate the activities of the Lower Level Managers and develop good relations with them. Planning is determination of courses of action to achieve desired goals.

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Management Function of Coordinating / Controlling: Overview of Basic Methods