Factors influencing unemployment among graduates

Translated from the French original by Peter Brown Full text PDF Send by e-mail 1The difficulties young Chinese university graduates have had in finding a job over the past few months have been making the headlines in the media and causing concern throughout society.

Causes of youth unemployment in malaysia

Debate and divergent views about the issue 3The reform of higher education has brought about the commodification of Chinese universities and a policy of mass recruitment of new students. Higher education developed on the basis of numbers being controlled and limited, and quality being improved. Ministry of Education. First is the reputation of the college. Another consequence is that a large part of the workforce has no possibility of moving into the new production sectors, creating a clogging effect in the labour market. A good many commentators fail to take into account the means of subsistence of new graduates, yet moral lessons are being handed out to them in abundance. The process for such graduates is both easier and speedier because, the employers regard them as employees with greater potentials. A report stemming from a study carried out by World Bank experts from to had a very profound effect on the transformation of the overall strategy for the development of higher education in China. Second, for major, the data from the online consulting firm MyCos demonstrates that it was very difficult for the graduates with bachelor degrees in law, computer science, and English education to find jobs in China in This study uses a Shandong data, and the previous study uses a Beijing data. The economy went from a situation of penury to one of chronic surplus, while at the same time as the profit levels in the industrial sector fell rapidly in the non-monopoly sectors they were below bank interest rates for the same period. The marginal effect analysis shows that reputation of college and majors such as economics and management, and engineering have significant effects on job search except for some majors. Preview Unable to display preview.

As to Peking, the most recent figures are 5. They also find that internships seem to decrease job-search time compared to the individuals at the same educational level but no internships.

In this context, we need to look for the reasons that underlie behind the considerable difficulties currently being encountered by young graduates in their search for employment.

Nor does there exist any standard tool for measuring the seriousness of a social problem. Second, the variables, for example, types of major fields, are different according to the regulation from Chinese Educational Ministry.

Factors influencing unemployment among fresh graduates a case study in klang valley malaysia

Wolpin, K. This result implies that the graduates may have a longer job-search time if they are from better reputation colleges, or they own higher education levels because they have a higher expectation for wages. Ministry of Education. Kong and Fan [ 5 ] use a data from different regions where fresh graduates graduated from Beijing in While the deflation, both national and international, of the past few years has not been stemmed in any real way, higher education has seen its numbers constantly grow, under the impact of the strategy of widening the internal demand. This is critical for them to be successful further in their career development along the social ladder. Manual labour is dying out with the change of economic model and technological adjustment. The Gini ratio has gone from 0. In Peking, this ratio underwent a significant drop, with a value of 0. If there was student agitation back then, it was because different social factions? This study indicates that the graduates find jobs faster and are more likely to study in graduate school if they come from higher reputation colleges. According to the theory of job search in labor economics, one of characteristics of labor market is information asymmetry, namely, the employers do not know about the potential employees and the job searchers do not know who is recruiting. The main factors involved in job search and wages are depicted in Section 3. The unemployment of which recent Chinese graduates are the victims has nothing to do with traditional structural, frictional unemployment or that linked to the economic climate of the day.

Bratberg, E. Bradley and Nguyen [ 1 ] point out the males from high quality schools are less likely to enter the labor market and get jobs compared to the females in England.

Kunze and Troske [ 11 ] use survival functions show that displaced women take longer to find a new job than comparable men. The discourse on the creation of enterprises by young graduates is no more than logorrhoea, although by the same token we should be careful not to trivialise this problem that can potentially produce social conflict.

causes of unemployment among graduates essays

It is shown that more and more enterprises require employee who should have higher education attainments. The employment rate for new graduates has most certainly not followed the increase in growth.

A real strategic turning point came at that time, when the higher education sector saw its figures increase in a startling fashion.

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Fresh Graduates face Unemployment