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Haskins simply asked Flournoy if he could meet his mother. As the end credits tell us what happened in later life to the members of that Texas Western team, we realize that Haskins not only won an NCAA title but made a contribution to the future that is still being realized.

Haskins is offered the head coaching position at Texas Western and jumps at it: This is his chance to coach a Division I team, no matter how weak.

In reel life: After the Miners had established themselves high in the national rankings, Kentucky and TW bump into each other in an airport.

In real life: Bingo.

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In reel life: On a road trip, the Miners return to their hotel to find one of their rooms ransacked, the walls covered in blood, and a large, blood-red warning on the wall: "Coons go home.

In real life: Didn't happen.

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We're the minority! The film score was orchestrated by musician Trevor Rabin and features music composed by various artists. In reel life: Midway through the season, Willie "Scoops" Cager Damaine Radcliff has severe chest pains while shooting around.

Tweet "Glory Road" is like other sports movies, and different from all of them. In fact, Cager had earlier been diagnosed with a heart murmur. According to Haskins, in "Haskins," Moore tended to hound the officials and "got more technical fouls in the years he was with me than I did.

In a later scene, racial slurs are shown painted onto the hotel rooms of the black Texas Western players.

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On the sideline, we watch his face as he begins to realize what's happening. I never thought a thing about it, but after we won the title with five black guys, everybody made a big deal about it. The film score was orchestrated by musician Trevor Rabin and features music composed by various artists. Two Southern coaches go head to head for the championship. Haskins knows he has no chance of recruiting the best white players to come to Texas Western, so he and his assistant coach head north and find African Americans who are happy to have scholarships and a chance to play. It's about racism in American sports, and how coach Don Haskins and his players on the basketball team from Texas Western University made a breakthrough comparable to when Jackie Robinson was hired by the Brooklyn Dodgers. The teams' motel rooms are trashed in East Texas. In Texas at that time, we learn, college basketball teams had been integrated, but there was an "informal rule" that you never played more than one black player at home, two on the road or three if you were behind. In real life: According to a March Sporting News article, the Miners sold out every home game, playing in an arena that held slightly more than 5, fans. Andy Stoglin, a black player at TW who graduated before the national championship, is quoted by Frank Fitzgerald in "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down" that the coach had shown him hate mail way back in ' Next to the closing credits , scenes from interviews with some of the real-life players from the team are shown, including one player from the opposing University of Kentucky team beaten by Texas Western in the NCAA finals, NBA head coach Pat Riley. So he took himself out early in the game. Jon Voight plays Kentucky's Adolph Rupp, one of the most successful coaches in college history. The real-life Don Haskins was cast as an extra in the film as a gas station attendant, and David Lattin was cast as an extra as a military bartender.
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