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You have a few options for distribution. What is a press release? Write about your mutual commitments, describe the project you will be working on together, add logos of both companies, graphics relating to your cooperation, contact details of people in charge of communication in both companies.

Sample press release template

It provides a neat overview of the rest of the content, and entices you to go on. Contact Information If a reporter or journalist wants to know more about the story and information in your press release, you want them to be able to contact you, right? Almost there: please enter your email below to gain instant access. This is because, in theory, more people will care about the story. Make sure to mention how long this partnership is to last! If you need inspiration, review your favorite blogs and online news sources and pay attention to the headlines that make you want to click to the story. What is a press release? Viewers may wonder: What is Netflix cheating? There are a few options. The data and information that you provide in your release needs to be your own and provide value. The standard press release will include the information for the person to contact for more details. When do you need a press release? Get a second or even third eye on it before sending it out to your contacts. Both explain what the press release is about, but the first one is much more exciting.

And distributing your press release through a service can boost your web traffic and SEO. Resignation Announcement Press Release Template Resignation Press Release Template View Template or Download Leaving the company—especially when the person concerned is a public persona—is always an interesting topic for the media.

Make sure the world knows about it with this free press release template!

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It provides a neat overview of the rest of the content, and entices you to go on. Offer something new.

how to write a press release for a product

Most individuals and companies believe that their stories are worth talking about. What is a press release?

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How To Write A Press Release With Free Template