How to write a state of the art paper

A good writing style is one that anyone can understand with a minimum of effort. How do people conceptualize art in the digital age? A mere summary of papers is not a SoTA. You can also find many useful links on wikipedia. Even a state of the art review can be made easy with our help.

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state of the art journal paper

By reading literature related to your research problem you will learn from other researchers and it will be easier for you to understand and analyze your problem.

If you have failed in defining your problem clearly, you will fail in writing a good SoTA. Google Scholar is an amazing resource for finding great peer-reviewed articles.

This is called systematic review, and a de facto guide for doing systematic reviews in the field of software engineering is available here. A state of the art review examines all the most recent contributions to a field. This means you should document how you searched for literature, what literature you included and what you excluded, how you did your analysis and so forth.

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state of the art paper