How to write about yourself for a blog

And then you struggle to come up with topics, so you skip a few more days. Why does your blog have credibility? Which would you rather talk to?

How to write about yourself for a blog

Address your audience and explain why you and your mission are so important to them. And as I explain exhaustively in my blogging guides , quantifying the success of a blogging initiative requires quantifiable metrics and KPIs that allow you to set and measure goals. Use high-quality photos with captions. If you're always pushing your sales pitch, you may drive customers away. They love seeing the face behind the blog or business! What makes you special? If you are undergoing a transformation or you plan to, you may want to blog about it to encourage others along the way. Save Another great strategy is to include pictures and videos. You are interesting! Keep on reading It is probably difficult for you to think about what to write about yourself or what type of content to put on your blog, so we will go over some different options to give you a good idea and a place to start.

So how do the socially awkward connect online? So what! Are there any rules for this sort of thing? Sacks is a shy person, but sometimes his enthusiasm overtakes, like here: I almost never speak to people in the street.

Her examples cut across niches and are relevant to all blogs. Be you. Give an overview of your traffic statistics e. Am I making a fool of myself?

how to introduce yourself in a blog examples

But as you try to do all of this, remember to keep it short. So how does your About page stack up? You can answer in the comments or, if a longer response is required, create a whole new blog post to respond, backlinking to the original question as a resource.

At which moments do you feel most alive?

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Focus on You: Why Your About Me page is Important to Your Blog