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Are there flaws in the procedures used which could affect the result?

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Conclusions such as The results confirm my hypothesis will not be accepted especially if the results dont confirm your hypothesis and even if they do.

That said, dont include controlled variables that arent significant.

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Chemical energy is just one store of energy; there are many in which it may be transferred to. A calculated design using more precise instruments would greatly have improved this experiment. Douse the oil burner so as not to interfere with the environmental temperature. Dont mix quantitative and qualitative data in the same column if you have both. Your hypothesis should be supported with an explanation and remember, a hypothesis is an educated guess, not a random guess and should be supported by your initial review of resources. Dont forget to compare your results to the literature. This form of chemical energy is measured in calories, but Calories with a capital mean kilocalories kcal when one talks of the calorie content in food. Independent Variable: The variable that YOU manipulate change , and the result of this manipulation leads to the measurement of the dependent variable Make sure that you choose only one independent variable to change. The uncertainty of each apparatus should be printed on it. Calorie conversion factors. Sometimes the best thing to do for your method is to draw a diagram called a protocol diagram of the experimental set up and refer to it. Use impersonal language; which means no words such as I, we, they, etc. If you include a hypothesis to help focus your research question then it needs to be an if.

Therefore we energy transferral is fundamental to life. This data however refutes the null hypothesis. A minimum of five data points is required for any graph and more should be collected if time and materials allow.

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Also make sure: Your data collection must not look the same as anyone elses! Cornflakes 3 0. Evaluation Evaluate weaknesses and limitations. There is energy in all foods that are edible and digestible , however the chemical potential energy stored varies depending on the food. Lotus , report generators e. If you include a hypothesis to help focus your research question then it needs to be an if. De facto, calorimetry, performed using a calorimeter, allows us to work out how much energy a food can give us because we can measure the heat transfer. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 14 4 , — Fasten securely with cellotape on the uncut sides.

This is peculiar because the nutritional values of the cereal do not promote this result. Trust me, it makes a difference. The concentration of chemicals eg hydrochloric acid, 2.

Ib bio lab report

It is an aerated cereal in that it has many perforations throughout the entire body of the grain. Dont put the units after each piece of data The uncertainty of the quantitative data and the units of the uncertainty need to be recorded once in the column heading All data in a column must be given to the same number of decimal places Tables and columns need a border with data centered in the column.

What assumptions are being made?

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If it's not, then the uncertainty is the half the smallest division. The range of a thermometer eg 20C to C The amount of each solution eg mL 8. In the example above, the pH. Chemical potential energy has been converted into thermal heat energy in this case, but in the body it may be converted into others as well such as kinetic energy. If we are unable to explain prior to predicting, marks are University of Nairobi Bsc. Same for any other apparatus of this sort. What assumptions are being made?

Hold the cereal there until it burns out. However it was makeshift and constructed from recycled materials which could cause inaccurate results due to the imperfections of the design.

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IB Biology Lab Report Format