Mini golf business plans

Management John and Michelle Putteer have successful experience in small business ownership, personnel management, and financial management. Arrange for a staff member to pick up trash, water plants and tidy up the course so it looks attractive and inviting in time to open the next day.

The Company was founded by John Doe. The daily activities for a mini-golf business are pretty simple. Below are the expected financials over the next three years. Several leagues may be formed by age group, depending on popularity.

Another good thing with marketing is that although it allows a business to generate the revenue that will grow and sustain the business, it also allows the business to gain awareness via its marketing campaign.

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How and when to build a team The nature of this job means that you will need staff from the very beginning, as it is difficult to manage the entire course, help out customers playing, and to process new customers as they arrive.

If you sell food, hire people to take orders and cook the food. Look for a spot near other recreational opportunities or shopping malls to take advantage of the traffic.

Ticket pricing Another important factor to consider before building a mini golf course business is how much you can charge for tickets.

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How to Start a Miniature Golf Course