Persuasive essay on making smoking illegal

Just to produce cigarettes one tree is being wasted. Without smoking, a tremendous amount of money and lives will be saved. Or let"s put it another way: in our line of work, you would soon hear from your friends, class-mates and colleagues if we were disreputable!

smoking in public places should be banned argumentative essay outline

Even though research has proven time and time again the harmful effects of cigarettes, and the rising cost of health care caused by cigarettes our government will not take a stand and stop all manufacturing of the horrible toxins.

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I grew up in Jamaica at a time when Rastas were still regarded as useless, lazy, half-insane, ganja-smoking illiterates who were of no value to society.

This is another example of how just by smoking a cigarette, smokers are being narcissistic to people who have made the right decision. Using gasoline as well as a topic road safety essay.

Smoking should be banned persuasive essay

Please read more here by clicking this link: Academic writing: the ethics and moral aspects. Get Essay Last year, over 42, people died from lung cancer, a staggering figure to be lost. We provide complete and total confidentiality to the extent that even your writer does not know your identity. It is a proven fact that children who grow up with a parent or family member who smokes are three times as likely to start smoking themselves, why risk it? If possible, there should be a total ban on using tobacco. Although millions die from it each year, smoking is the single most preventable cause of death as well. Besides, lots of lives have been lost due to diseases such as lung cancers, bronchitis, and pneumonia among others while these kinds of infections are preventable. Essay Writer Access Top Quality Argumentative Essays on Banning Tobacco Smoking Despite the various efforts by different government institutions and organizations to discourage tobacco use, it remains one of the common habits by a majority of individuals especially the youth.
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Cigarettes Should be Illegal Essay