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Ovid uses mythical exempla to condemn his enemy in the afterlife, cites evil prodigies that attended his birth, and then in the next lines wishes that the torments of mythological characters befall his enemy.

And it is the intertextualities, both verbal and thematic similarities, between this poem and the Sulpicia elegies, that render her the most likely candidate for this role.

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Heinze demonstrated that, "whereas in the elegiac poems a sentimental and tender tone prevails, the hexameter narrative is characterized by an emphasis on solemnity and awe The mood of the book is again humorous and light hearted. Politics is how groups of people organize making decisions that affect the individuals contained within said groups.

This work then influenced Chaucer.

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And not satisfied with her he broadcast many love affairs or widely circulated many love poems , in which he himself admitted to his own adultery. Shelves: roman-literature , poetry , ancient-literature , , humor-and-satire This book contains the Amores, The Art of Love, The Cures for Love, and the surviving fragment from the Medicamina Faciei Femineae. But, as he says in his commentary, ad loc. The final poem is again an apology for his work. In Tristia 3. Poem 12 is addressed to a Tuticanus, whose name, Ovid complains, does not fit into meter. But our speaker has spent most of his poem desperately trying to make the case that lovers are soldiers; that he should resort with climactic desperation to a logical fallacy seems to me to make a certain psychological and comic sense. Excerpt Sets of rules and precepts on love and relationships retain the capacity to offend. The address to Atticus also invites us to wonder, at least in the backs of our minds, what it is the two men have been talking about.

In this poem he seems to be going out of his way to put his rhetorical skills on display, almost as though that were the real point.

And it is this, perhaps, that provides the point at the end of the poem.

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Ovid: The Love Poems Study Guide: Analysis