Prewrite activities for dementia

Fortunately, everyday tasks can provide stimulation throughout the day. While implementing this may take some creativity and work, it'll be worth it to see the genuine engagement and joy of your loved one when he feels a sense of purpose in his activities.

No matter how well or poorly the towels are folded, the point is that your older adult feels good about the activity. As a starting point, here are a few types of people and corresponding activities to consider.

If yours does, consider bringing him to that event.

free activities for dementia patients

The Musician If music is her thing, offer her opportunities to use this gift. As always, avoid sharp objects and only give items that will be safe for your older adult. You can use these materials in a directed way i. Some towns hold car events where older cars are displayed or driven down a road.

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The Sports Fan Provide the avid sports lover the chance to mini put, do Wii bowling, play the beanbag tossing game or watch a Little League baseball game. If he enjoys listening to music rather than performing it, make recordings of his favorite songs and play them for him. For example, if they tend to put things in their mouth or tie up body parts, avoid small pieces or string.

Someone in early dementia might enjoy simple card games like solitaire, go fishblackjackor war.

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12 Engaging Activities for Seniors with Dementia: Reduce Agitation and Boost Mood