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However, it was not just her knowledge that made her into a popular monarch.

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Society and Queen Elizabeth - Through the ages, women have always had a powerful role, whether or not it was recognized by society. Yet, about Elizabeth the woman, we know very little.

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I knew that Jews and Christians have always had their differences in what they believed religiously. Keeping her power wasnt the only reason she opted to stay single, she saw plenty of marriages fall apart even before her time at court like her mothers and fathers. Elizabeth was far too intelligent to compromise herself. According to Judith Richards, Queen Elizabeth was the youngest sibling of several others in her family. Although people of South Eastern England were likely to be influenced by the peoples of Europe, who were experiencing reforms, Doran suggests that the number of Protestants accounted for just 14 per cent of the population of Sussex and less than 10 per cent in Kent She proved that even a woman could lead a war. She came in to the royal throne shaken by a decade of misgovernment, religious fanaticism, and economic problems Then in the eighteenth century political ideas changed more towards democracy and literature was born showing that Elizabeth wasn't the true heroine that everyone once thought she was. You are on page 1of 9 Search inside document Ryan Mack Project 2 Paper Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind Queen Elizabeth. For example, the Rainbow Portrait by Isaac Oliver consists of the Queen wearing a dress that is decorated with human mouths, eyes and ears. Due to that she was not producing fertile boys he asked the pope if he could divorce her, the pope said no but Henry VIII did it anyway. However, she came close to marriage twice in her reign Putatunda, Rita. Whether this was true or not, Elizabeth was arrested and put in prison.

But Queen Elizabeth had troubles of her own. Enough to keep everyone at bay with their constant talk of marriage, and not enough where she would actually get married to one. Throughout her time as Queen, Elizabeth was able to repair the economic debt held by England, as well as mend relations within society, caused by many things including religious wars She talks French and Italian as well as she does English and has often talked to me readily and well in Latin, moderately in Greek.

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I questioned myself what did each religious group believe in? It appears that even in the 's oppression against women was evident. English Renaissance - English Renaissance research papers explain the the English Renaissance was part of the broader European transition from Medievalism into the beginning of the modern era. Elizabeths ascendancy was warmly received by the Protestant portion of the population, and she was variously referred to as Gloriana, Good Queen Bess and The Virgin Queen. These suitors ranged from all over including the powerful nation of Spain at the time because everyone wanted to get a chance at succeeding the crown with their male heir for Elizabeth had none. She has made many accomplishments during her reign. These words were spoken by none other than Queen Elizabeth I, one of the most prominent monarchs of England. A Great Monarch, , p Introduction Queen Elizabeth had never married, and remained as the virgin queen throughout the many years of her ruling.

Hanson Queen Elizabeth 1 was a very smart and cunning ruler. Government in England at this time was a monarchy, and a prominent monarchy, which included Queen Elizabeth I, was the Tudor Dynasty.

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