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Reversibly, his happiness should therefore be relative to experience. The challenge posed by discovery occupies us and makes the time that passes by feel like productive time.

He has come to know everything there is to know about his small and isolated internal world. If one's friends and family are gone, life is solitary.

In that sense it doesn t seem to be a very moralistic book at all for no conclusion seems to be ever drawn. Here in the valley there are no enemies, nor beasts of prey Since the beginning of the novel we have seen how Rasselas unhappiness has been relative to his inexperience.

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The hermit thought he would enjoy being alone in nature, but came to see that he was bored, distracted, and, while he no longer encountered anyone who could sway him to ill, he also never encountered anyone who could inspire him to good.

Because he is alone with his thoughts and fancies, he can no longer discern reality from imagination.

Clearly, Johnson employs parallelism, periodic sentences, and negation as a part of his writing style in Rasselas. However, the artist retorts, [n]othing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must be first overcome She was treated seriously when she was at my aunt's house. The plot is flimsy and subordinate to the themes. The shepherds that Rasselas and Nekayah are so quick to admire for their pastoral lifestyle turn out to be caustic and petty. However, Rasselas succeeds as a moral tale because Johnson successfully imparts his message that the meaning of life is to do what one can with the small amounts of happiness that can be eked out. The latent sense that is alluded to here, is that intrinsic curiosity that is found in all humans ;a curiosity that can be thought of as a necessity to human intellectual progress. Clues are found in his derision for the Bassa's court. Imlac's history is a compelling read and provides insight into the character, but is important for another reason: his story also foreshadows Rasselas's and provides evidence to support Johnson's overall message.

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Candide by Voltaire, and Rasselas by Samuel Johnson Essay