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Taking initiative in the class is something I have no problem doing and helping my co-op in any way possible is something that I always try to do. Activity 3: Law of Reflection Take a mirror and line it up along the zero line on the paper protractor.

Learning about the four lenses of learning we talked about in the beginning of my reading practicum class, has really helped me during my field experience.

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Now, I am not so sure. I asked questions of their partner pairs about it to help stimulate their the students to show interest and to clarify various personal knowledge and memories. Besides the nature of storytelling forces learners to engage in critical thinking trying to figure out the pattern of the story, anticipate what is going to happen, understand foreshadows and reach a meaningful conclusion. This continues until everyone shares or until a specified time has elapsed such as 3 minutes. My motivation was that stories have something real about them. She has shown me that having a positive attitude each day really helps her students trust and listen to her. My students and I enjoyed the lessons and they seemed to make a lot of progress. They need to be able to reflect and acquire this awareness. Also, they can help learners understand complex concepts better by realizing the relations that hold between parts and combine them into a whole, which would otherwise be difficult to visualize mentally; and consequently, difficult to conceive cognitively. Gentle reminders of that struggling student to share with the class.

Step 6: Writing Individual Stories Objectives: The students now create their own personal stories about the same experience as that of the whole class story. In order to protect my sanity I experimented greatly with the lessons and tried to find what worked for me and my students.

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The mistakes I have made during my time in the school bothered me then. The lesson plan I am reflecting upon is a good example of boundary crossing as the teacher employs visual arts as a means to help learners better understand the tangible world around them. The individual stories are great because you get to see that particular students experience. When a few mornings recently, because the sun shines working with the whole class, an excellent option is well after 11pm now, that all of the students were to have the students read chorally, this way all the tired, cranky and didnt want to do any school work. Learning with pictures: The power of photography lies in catching a snapshot of life at some point in time and focusing on that moment in depth. Garcia High School or what kind of students Fourth year and Grade 7 or teachers they deal with as they attend to their duty. I also believe that collaboration is key for learning. I mentioned above that I rotated between Korea and Japan from

I now do this with a pencil. For students that dictate a story to you as you write it down on large struggled a little more I made sure that I did not put paper or the interactive whiteboard. We know that we down, especially on aspects of the language that are going outside.

I realized what an awesome resource it could be for my students who struggle with comprehending the world in written form.

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One of the main reasons that I chose this program was the fact that Scott Thornbury heavily involved in the program. This made it really clear what I had to do, and also clear when I had finished outlining the lesson!

Plan to sequence the lesson in an engaging and meaningful manner Robert Gagne proposed a nine-step process called the events of instruction, which is useful for planning the sequence of your lesson.

Have them raise their hands and call on them one at a time. They tend to know fewer of the words than do my top students.

Teacher reflection examples

More is not better; less is best I realized that I was overthinking the lesson plan. I can remember one critical incident very clearly. When a few mornings recently, because the sun shines working with the whole class, an excellent option is well after 11pm now, that all of the students were to have the students read chorally, this way all the tired, cranky and didnt want to do any school work. Sequence and chunk the information to avoid cognitive overload Blend the information to aid in information recall Bloom's Revised Taxonomy can be used to help sequence the lesson by helping you chunk them into levels of difficulty. Another strategy to be a fun and engaging activity that not only would be to get ideas from several students before exposes the students to the written form of their letting the struggling student pick one, Lets get oral language but to get them excited about some ideas first from different people, then decide reading and writing. Have another student place another piece of blank paper between the student's eyes and the star sheet so that the student can see the image of the star in the mirror but not on the paper. Your list of prioritized learning objectives will help you make decisions on the spot and adjust your lesson plan as needed.
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