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Martin, Mary C. Graphs or charts: I may or may not use graphs or charts. At a time when women are told to define themselves and mature, advertisers recognize their vulnerability and use this to their advantage.

In an experiment done by Brown and Dittmar, 75 women were exposed to either neutral advertisements no models or to thin models, at either low or high attention, manipulated by the exposure time and focus instructions.

Purpose: My major is advertising so researching how advertisements affect people in terms of their self-image, self-esteem and how it leads to eating disorders.

The participants were then asked to answer questionnaires about what feelings they experienced while they were looking through the advertisements. As a group, we try to get much of the work done in class, or at least plan out what we need to be working on at another time as a group or individually.

The results were that in sixth and eight graders self evaluation caused a more negative body perception especially after the self evaluation priming, whereas the self enhancement had no significant effect.

V26 N2, p Related Interests. Images of the thin ideal have been implicated as sources of body dissatisfaction in females and males but not without reason. Body Image and Advertising, and Harry Croft. One such experiment that was conducted by Gayle R.

research proposal on social media and body image

The research was conducted by exposing some participants to fashion advertisements with thin, beautiful models as primers, while others were exposed to neutral advertisements.

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Research Proposal