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Rolex is synonymous with "accomplishment" or "achievement. Showing it as a Sign of standard. This approach has proven highly successful, as their biggest customer group are individuals who just got a new job, promotion, or raise and want to portray that achievement outwards. In Sir Malcolm Campbell set the land speed record at over miles per hour wearing a Rolex. Introducing the ever new series of luxury watches that someone can ever dream of. Sponsoring such major events that have ability to attract potential market. Posted by. Thursday, February 5, Chapter 2. The idea is simple, you want to promote specific features of a product and have reputable celebrities back these statements up in their own words. Keeping the demand and trend of modern age where people have everything in cell phones, introducing wristwatches that can compensate something luxury in the hand like; cell phone, ring etc. This was achieved by the careful introduction and use of the testimony concept, as well as a sensitive feel for what the market is asking for. What this has done for the brand, and in particular looking at the younger generations, was to become something bigger than just be supported by a few brand ambassadors. The main focus has been on the production of quality and luxury watches. The founder himself had a dream to create such watches that look very luxury and adorable wearing on the wrist and also reflect the status of personality.

Originally with just a YouTube Channel, they are now represented on 8 platforms. Thursday, February 5, Chapter 2. Showing two time zones at the same time and on the same watch.

Even though past performance is not an indicator of future results, we are looking forward to many more creative advertisements to come!

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In the last decade, the brand had to adapt again, as Social media completely changed the face of how we have to understand advertising.

Source In the social media age, we have also been able to see a more acute change of the message the brand wishes to provide. It is for this reason that the brand will always be connected to the icons of the 20th century.

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Different Marketing Strategies: 1. Advertising, advertising, and more advertising. Source More notable than any of those timepieces, however, is the concept Rolex used with such efficacy in that front page ad they took in the Daily Mail with Mercedes Gleitze.

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How Rolex became the king of watches