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In the Discourse on Political Economy Rousseau explains that to get people to follow the General Will, it must be in their own interest to do so Cole Any type of essay.

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Rousseau's natural man possesses a few qualities that allow him to distinguish himself from the animals over a long period of time. The ability of one person to rule over another arises from both moral and physical inequalities. His thought is composed of simple operations. Naturally, inequalities do not exist, but because man creates boundaries and distinguishes one another, political and moral inequalities are created. Rousseau describes the ravages of modernity on human nature and civilization inequality are nested according to the Genevan thinker. Although the Discourse is closely related to eighteenth-century debates about the nature of man, and about different forms of government, it also has a wider significance. Human freedom does not mean the capacity to choose, which would require reason, but instead the ability to refrain from instinct. Also according to Rousseau governments and society were not planned, he pictures forms of society emerging and fading away as humans drift from one social state to another. Her passions are those of nature: food, sex and rest are the only things good for him and his only evils are pain and hunger.

Rousseau's natural man is more or less like any other animal, with "self-preservation being his chief and almost sole concern" and "the only goods he recognizes in the universe" being food, a female, and sleep This need to distinguish becomes a problem in society when it is unchecked. The most likely causes are environmental, such that humans came into closer proximity and began cohabitation, which in turn facilitated the development of reason and language.

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In order to do this, Rousseau demonstrates that human evolution and the development of inequality between men are closely related. However, Rousseau does not denounce the property itself as will the anarchist Bakuninhe denounced the inequality of property.

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It could be argued that getting smaller societies with particular wills to conform to the General Will of political society does strip them of their tendency to distinguish themselves from each other, because they are now all following the same interests. Man in his natural state is the central topic in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's philosophic essay A Discourse on Inequality, an academic work that had tremendous influence on Shelley.

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Would we be able to survive and thrive.

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A Discourse on Inequality by Jean