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A fourth resolution, proposed by Sen. Many soldiers who had been fighting in the Civil War were killed by sicknesses including diarrhea and pneumonia. War meant certain disaster. This need increased greatly during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century with the start of the industrial revolution.

The Spanish American war was a prominent time period and battle for the history of not just Spain and America, but Cuba as well.

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These countries where affected by the war because the Spanish American war would end the Spanish Empire, create a new one, and give a colony its independence. This influenced Americans to push for war with Spain. They saw war with Spain as a quick way to prove supremacy and saw plenty of benefits.

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Spain, however, still refused to concede independence, which McKinley evidently now considered indispensable for restoration of peace and order in Cuba. These are two things that our government tries to provide us, the American people with every day. Let Spain, he wrote, abandon reconcentration in fact as well as in name, declare an armistice, and accept U. The Spanish government was caught upon the horns of a cruel dilemma. The New York Journal reports " I'll furnish the war! The war was fought in the Spanish colonies of the Philippines and Cuba.

Also the United States portrayed its impatience to expand through Manifest Destiny: the desire to expand from sea to. Meanwhile, U.

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The problem facing the United States, however, was a lack of available real estate. Because of this war, the famous Treaty of Paris was initiated and signed, which gave Cuba their independence from Spanish rule, and in turn, America bought the Philippines.

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In order for America to take its rightful place amongst the worlds power many felt we needed to control a vast imperial empire. What event pushed the United States into war with Spain?

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In civil war broke out in Cuba between Spain and the Cubans. Some historians explain that the war publicized by the Hearst and Pulitzer newspapers which blame the sinking of the ship U. The Spanish American War was not necessarily the right thing to do, but in the end the war was worth it because of the land, partnerships, and power America gained as country because Effects Of Spanish American War On U. Newspapers particularly those owned by William Randolph Hearst reported the brutality of the Spanish General Weyler in graphic and often biased terms. Will he sacrifice friends, family, even the lives of his countrymen? It was an issue between the United States and Spain. They were ripe for the picking and a their imperial holdings would be the spoils of victory. The Spanish-American War was fought in Copyright Spain, however, still refused to concede independence, which McKinley evidently now considered indispensable for restoration of peace and order in Cuba. In this time period Hawaiian islanders were very happy to live traditionally, but Americans were not content with the traditional ways of the Hawaiians Buschini, n. The Sinking of the Maine - As tensions had increased the United States has sent it's fleet to Cuba to protect American economic interests. The primary cause of the war itself was the state of anger in Cuba, whose citizens were calling for independence from the rule of the Spanish Spain.

The frontier was now populated and opportunity was decreasing.

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Spanish American War