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how to teach essay writing

On Monday, I proudly brought back the essays and asked students to look over them and learn what they needed to fix for next time.

Using an essay that was crafted with my actual assignment requirements in mind is invaluable for this lesson because it provides my current students with a model for their specific assignment.

how to teach essay writing to elementary students

Similarly, while some students may be more inclined to write an essay when given set rules, these very rules may cause others to do a shoddy job and feel disinclined to write in the future. You have full authority over this aspect of education, so you need to set clear goals that your students will achieve step by step.

They need to write the entire five paragraphs to get all of the practice they need. This post is part of the series: Paragraphs and Sentences. We then have a discussion that assesses the essay by identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Scholastic offers lesson plans for all grades. When students color-code their writing, they must think about the parts of their paragraphs, like topic sentences, details, and the closing sentence.

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Teaching The Expository Essay