The interwar period from 1919 to 1939

After Stalin, the Soviet leaders partially melted into the political bureau for collectivist decision making, but the real and final power always rested with the leader of the party.

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In the Soviet Union, the target was control rather than race. The results included Japanese bayoneting babies in the Philippines, torching American prisoners of war just prior to liberation, and subjecting girls to vile sexual mistreatment. Often they moved to nearby industrial towns and cities.

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Events in one nation often had worldwide ramifications. Keynes argued classical laissez faire economics failed in situations like the Great Depression. Capitalism does not aim for social justice.

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JohnMaynard Keynes submitted another theoretical approach to capitalism in If tomorrow brings more chaos, higher taxes, fewer markets, more regulation, and the like businesses cannot make reliable projections and avoid investing money or otherwise accepting risks.

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