The stresemann era

With some reparations paid, the French and Belgians withdrew their troops from the Ruhr in However there were still drawbacks. Locarno marked the re-emergence of Germany onto the European stage, thanks to the leadership of Stresemann.

Payments would gradually increase for thirty-six years and would end in Despite its notable achievements with a few national policies, its inability to address socio-political weaknesses contributed to its collapse. The effort paid off; the Allies began to take a look at reforming the reparations scheme.

What did stresemann do

The period was a time when the Weimar economy recovered and cultural life in Germany flourished. As Stresemann recorded, Briand "almost fell off his sofa, when he heard my explanations". He was co-laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize in Moreover, they supported the role of religion and the traditional role of women. In he was elected to the Dresden town council. The Locarno Pact, Stresemann also made progress in international affairs. Employment was rampant. Though he had initially worked in trade associations, Stresemann soon became a leader of the National Liberal Party in Saxony. As banks collapsed, the savings of many Germans were wiped out. However, shocked by the assassinations of several prominent politicians, he had gradually come to believe that the effective functioning of the Weimar Republic was the best safeguard against violent regimes of either the left or the right.

The old marks could be exchanged for Rentenmarks at the very good rate of , to 1. Note, Britain has a selfish interest in mind just like it did when it was the leader of the League of Nations and lacked dedication due to a focus on internal affairs.

Germany was badly affected being as she had prospered with American loans.

stresemanns policy of fulfillment

Germany was in no position at the time to attack, as Stresemann wrote to the Crown Prince: "The renunciation of a military conflict with France has only a theoretical significance, in so far as there is no possibility of a war with France".

Within Germany, however, these achievements were condemned by many on the right who charged that these agreements implied German recognition of the validity of the Treaty of Versailles. The Young Plan ofwhich was also introduced during the Stresemann era, formulated the final reparations settlement.

By lateStresemann gradually moved to cooperation with the parties of the left and centre — possibly in reaction to political murders like that of Walther Rathenau.

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The Stresemann Era in Weimar Republic: German History