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Prados traced the beginnings of U.

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After all, the South Vietnamese forces outnumbered the Communists, were far better supplied, had vastly superior firepower and enjoyed a considerable advantage in mobility thanks to transport planes and helicopters. We need you. It was a heart-rending experience to see these young men and women, many of them missing eyes, arms, legs or even multiple limbs, being wheeled through the building. One of the most spectacular failures was the air war. Having inherited Eisenhower's commitment to Vietnam, the Kennedy administration viewed South Vietnam as a convenient location for the U. The most obvious of these was the confusion of nationalism with communism. The U. The lying was so entrenched it was impossible to even discover until it was too late. S was not simply outfought. In the United States, popular support for fighting Communism in South Vietnam started strong and then declined as the war dragged on. But it never came any closer, either. Vietnam was first and foremost a struggle for national independence. For attrition to work, three conditions must apply. And I also knew that the historical premises on which it was based were deeply flawed. Military officers were rewarded for successful performance of duties, not for failing performance.

One can readily find them in the published works of official Army historians like Dr. In earlier pieces, here and herethese were dealt with these in depth.

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Amazingly, none of these conditions applied. Photo taken by U. From the beginning of the escalation, inthe U.

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Sorley III. First, you must be able to control the timing and terms of engagement.

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Anybody but itself. And second, an invasion of North Vietnam was an automatic war with China that would have violated Gen.

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It meant dragging out the War, harassing the enemy, avoiding serious engagement except where the likelihood of success was high, withdrawing before serious losses were sustained, and counting on the American public to tire of a seemingly endless but unwinnable war. Because U. And, after the Tet Offensive in early demolished the upbeat fiction in the U. Defeating the Communist guerrillas would have been an easy matter if the South Vietnamese people had refused to hide them in their midst. And on. By perceiving all events through anti-communist lenses, U. Asia intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency. And second, an invasion of North Vietnam was an automatic war with China that would have violated Gen. The idea was to interdict supplies from the North from reaching the insurgency in the South.

If we are to ever reach a true peace about the War—and certainly, if we are to ever stop repeating its mistakes and continuing to lose newer wars—it is essential that we understand why the U.

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Why the USA lost the war in Vietnam