Writing a primary source analysis paper

Was the document written in English or was it translated from another language? Although the Persians did not perceive themselves to be gods, they certainly felt their power to rule originated with divine empowerment.

If the land becomes unusable, it will encourage citizens to expand their land. In "The Palette of Narmer" we can clearly see the figure of the Pharaoh pounding a stake into the skull of another figure.

how to analyze primary and secondary sources

Does it exclude, downplay, or ignore evidence or issues that you can verify through other sources? The Hebrews, had a set of laws given to them by their god as described in the book of Exodus Chapter These sources are further identified and group if these are either primary or secondary sources.

The degree to which military force was used varies from empire to empire. However, a much more universal approach to managing the masses did not involve aggression.

primary source essay definition

Step 6 Inspect the physical document if it is available. You may not have arrived at a clear answer for all questions about your source, but you should be thorough in explaining what you did uncover.

Why did the author write the document? What is the author leaving out?

writing a primary source analysis paper

Don't summarize-analyze!

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Analytic Primary Source Essay